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WRONA WORLD is proud to be the home of Toonces! the cat who could drive a car. This page was originally developed by a guy named John Redpath in February of 1996. I never asked John whatever possessed him to create a shrine to an obscure non-human character that appeared in a few sketches on Saturday Night Live in the late '80s. Imagine that. What a strange character John must be. I mean really. A Toonces page! Tsk. Tsk. Man, John must be weird! Now me on the other hand -- I'm perfectly normal. I didn't create this page. I'm not that far out. I mean I just volunteered to give Toonces a home when John didn't want to maintain the page anymore. That's not too strange is it? What should I have done?! Let the Toonces page fade out of cyberspace!?!?!?! What the hell kind of man do you think I am!!! Sit by and watch cyberkittycide?!?! Dammit THIS IS TOONCES!!! The freakin' cat can DRIVE A CAR!!!! IT'S A DRIVING CAT!!!! TOONCES IS THE MAN! I mean the cat. Oh, forget it.

Toonces first showed his furry face to the world in 1988 on NBC's Saturday Night Live. Within months, he had become one of the most famous and talented cats on television. What made Toonces different? He was the only cat known in existence who could actually drive. He drove cars, trucks, and tractors, and rumor has it he won the 1984 Tour de France cycling tour (disqualified on grounds of being a cat).

When Toonces hit the big time, we discovered that his driving skills were terrible. In fact, he managed to drive at least one car off a cliff in every episode that he appeared in. In a typewritten report, Toonces claimed that his lack of skill was due to a brain injury incurred during his days as a stunt man on The Dukes of Hazard.

During his days at SNL, Toonces co-starred with many familiar celebrities. His TV parents were SNL regulars Victoria Jackson and Dana Carvey. Other co-stars included: Steve Martin, Randy Quaid, Andrea Martin, Phil Hartman, Joe Flaherty, Julia Sweeney, David Foley, Griffin Dunne, Karen Allen, George Wendt (Cheers), Ken McDonald, and Linda Hamilton (Terminator 2).

Toonces has not reappeared on Saturday Night live for many years now, and some worry that he will never return. Speculators believe that he is living with the retired Church Lady, but we can't be sure until some sort of press release emerges.

Toonces Videos

Saturday Night Live: Best of Toonces and Friends is the only official Toonces video ever released as far as I know. It's out of print right now but if you click on the box you'll go to its page (in a new browser window). Other Amazon merchants always have copies for sale.  (People have bought more than 30 from this page over the years.)

Umm, by the way, A guy in India linked to this page and umm he seems to think that Toonces really could drive a car. I'm not making this up. I used to have a link to his page here but it went dead. I should have saved the page locally. Oh well.